Ralph Burg – The Tears |

Ralph Burg – The Tears |



Peace Part II

Peace Part II

Peace too whomever needs you. Promise too be there when you need room.

Instrumental by:
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Steve Sola, the master weed- rolla; Ralph Burg reppin’ Bushwick and Williamsburg.

Peace Part II

Peace part I was done over the sepalcure song also spotlighted on my spotlight page.

From Me to You

From Me to You : what do you seek from this? Is it for the message? Is it to pass time? What I’m willing to give you: insight into me, flows, wordplay, and a fresh musical perspective please enjoy my new song.

Will to Win

Will to Win is a story of the trials and tribulations that most of us face. Whether or not they are the same trials, the Will to Win is something we all need for success. Success is an individual measure that we each apply to the accomplishment of the goals we have set forth for ourselves. Please check out Ralph Burg ft Smitty, “Will to Win”

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